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    polaris slx 1200 pro mfd

    I know this topic has been covered before but hear me out....I bought the ski 2 weeks ago mfd was faded. I did my research and found the post on how to restore the mfd and did so. mfd worked perfect... i had a blown fuse for bilge awg3 not a common fuse so i ordered on online. it came in i installed it and went to water when i got to water the mfd had stopped working all together and ski went into limp mode. I did more research. I disconnected the mfd ski runs perfect. hook it back up and limp mode... i removed the mfd and seperated it to inspect inside nothing looks to be out of place or burnt..... it worked till i added the fuse for bilge.... i removed the fuse and problem remanes. i checked the fuses in box and none are visably burnt. this is my first ski and dont know what the next step should be. I cant buy new one and dont want a used one that will fail. I have worked on sleds and quads plenty but this has me stumped.................if anyone can help it would save my summer. thanks in advance


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    Review the wiring connections inside the electrical box. When you changed the fuse you may have disturbed or loosened some other connection. Also make sure none of the wires were pinched between the case halves when you closed it up.

    Also verify that each wire color is on the correct terminal.

    If there was water inside that box, that is no good. The electrical box should have zero moisture inside, and zero corrosion.

    Does the bilge pump actually run? If it has failed or shorted then the fuse will blow.

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    no moisture no pinched wires no corrosion inside box. when i was installing the fuse i touched the hot and the bilge terminal and bilge turned on (accidently) i have rechecked the conections and all seem to be in order.........small amount of moisture in mfd. i took it back apart to dry it out. gonna try to reinstall today....

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    Does the bilge pump actually run when you press the Bilge button?

    Does it run when the engine runs?

    You may have a grounding problem. Disconnect the battery positive cable, then confirm zero ohms between every Black wire inside the electrical box and the negative battery post.

    Is there a thin Black wire to the battery negative post? If yes, disconnect that wire and recheck the Black wire grounding.

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