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    B.E.S.T. Warrantee cover hull damage?

    Before I either bash or praise seadoo and the icatch trailer does anyone know if the best extended warrantee cover damage from the icatch trailer bunks? I have a nice hole in my hull now. It takes on water.

    My dealer isn't open yet and I can't find the warrantee number yet so just feeling this out before I start bitching.

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    How did the damage occur?

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    The forward left roller chipped the gelcoat and proceeded to take fiberglass away as well. It's pretty banged up. Pictures don't do it justice. I will try to roll it back on the trailer today and get a better picture.Click image for larger version. 

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    The damage occurred from the trailer. I have never hit anything in the water. The ski has 76 hours on it 2008 model seadoo wake pro.

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    man that sucks big time I don't see how seadoo will warranty it but its worth a shot!

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    In my opinion it should be covered, it's their system.
    Last time I heard, their trailer hardware was failing to latch properly,
    which was actually causing some skis to come off the trailer. I hope you get it sorted out.

    This is a good example of Sea-Doo trying to:
    A. Over-engineer something
    B. Make things too complicated
    C. Re-invent the wheel
    D. Fix a problem that doesn't exist (trailers)

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    You are right. That was happening when the trailer first came out. I purchased mine before they were available. Delivery was delayed because of the recall. They now have a safety strap that goes through the front latch as a backup if the hook pops out. Dealers were telling people in the beginning that they didn't need to strap down the rear of the ski. That's how they were falling off.

    From the beginning I didn't like the rock hard rollers the trailer has. Turns out I was right... Now I have a hole.

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    Don't get me wrong... I love this trailer. It is cool. My friend doesn't get it but I've had regular bunks and leaf springs before. This is way better. When this is fixed I will put urethane rollers on instead of this plastic crap.

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    do you strap the rear of ski down when you tow it?

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    Yes, always strapped with ratchet straps

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