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    1997 GTX Running Rough After Rebuilt Carbs

    Hey everyone. I have a 1997 GTX that ran great for one day this weekend but the next day it ran awful. I bought a nice used set of carbs and had it refreshed by a well respected carb guy. I put them on Friday and the ski ran great on the water all day Saturday. On Sunday she started up fine, the person riding the ski for the first five minutes said it shut off on her twice after flashing the caution light. Was also saying 12V low. When I got on the ski it was idling very rough. I needed to pull the choke a lot to get it and keep it running. When it did run, even at full throttle it would barely move, seemed like it's not getting fuel. Must be really lean if I have to rely on the choke.

    Anyone have any idea what could be wrong? I have replaced all the crappy fuel lines with new hose a while back ago and when I did that I cleaned the fuel selector switch as well.

    Any idea where to start? Thanks!

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    Sounds like your rectifier took a dump. Make sure your battery is fully charged. Measure battery voltage then start it up and watch the voltage. When you rev it up it should raise but stay under 14v. If you rev it and the voltage drops you will be needing a new rectifier. I assume you have already tried new spark plugs??

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