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    Insurance - opinions on coverage / limits?

    We need to get insurance setup for our two 1996 GTX's we purchased in the winter; finished fuel and other maintenance on one yesterday and might try to hit the lake with one of them this weekend but need coverage first.

    For home and auto we're with Amica and they do not offer PWC policies.
    So far I've just done an online inquiry with SkiSafe and Progressive.

    - What's the general consensus regarding bodily insury / property damage limits?
    - Coverage amount for 'Fuel Spills & Contamination'?
    - Worth adding comprehensive for 1996 era PWC's?

    We're in the D/FW Texas area and will use only on fresh water and during summer months at this time.


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    I just got my two Kawasaki covered with Progressive for $180 for the year including trailer. Agent said it was a great quote, normally 2-3 times that amount. He said I must have good history/credit check(which I do). Mostly wanted it for liability.

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    Yeah, Progressive was crazy high for Louisiana. I ended up going with Geico. But it's still ~$700 for the year for 2 skis.

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    I have both of my 1200's insured through State Farm for $4500 replacement (each), $300,000 liability each and the premium is $337/year per ski. I am about to switch to Progressive.
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    I also have Progressive. Coverage on 05 RXT and trailer. $164.00yr I am in NY.
    Bodily $100,000/300,000
    Property $50,000
    Comp/Collision $5000

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    Avoid ALLSTATE....They are a dog and pony show to deal wth....I have been dealing with them for a customer and what a pain in the ass......

    I too have progressive and pay 230 for a year on a 12 RXPX and new Triton double trailer..

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    Liabilty is the big thing on any recreational vehicle. If someone is seriously hurt or killed on or by your ski you need to have enough coverage to protect your income and assets (unless you're judgement proof aka poor/no assets). 100/300 should be your minimum (consider 250/500) and remember this is your personal unins/underins limit as well and a lot of boaters don't carry any ins so plan accordingly. Also I'd highly recommend carrying a personal umbrella liability policy to cover excess liability on all of your vehicles/property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDRXT View Post
    I also have Progressive. Coverage on 05 RXT and trailer. $164.00yr I am in NY.
    Bodily $100,000/300,000
    Property $50,000
    Comp/Collision $5000
    I have this same insurance. Cant beat it. Something were to happen I'm covered I have Allstate for everything else and they couldn't even match this. I am in Pennsylvania. Sure it's different from state to state tho

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