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    2000 GPR 1200 Water Temp Alarm on Start

    New to greenhulk, new to yamaha pwc's. Had a hopped up polaris 1050 about ten years ago, sold it when polaris left the market. I got the itch again and found a GPR1200 with the group k 1390 kit including d plate mod. It did fine the first day, fuel gauge only indicated at full and I noticed moisture/rusting in the speedo screen. So I found one on ebay and its coming soon.

    Anyway, I fire it up in the garage before I go for the second day. Soon as I hit the start button, water temp indicator, steady buzzer and warning light come on. Ski cranks right up still buzzing. I hit the reset button, ski still running like normal, display beeps and resets no alarm, all is well. Start it at the lake in the water, same symptoms. Start it up hot, same. Water sprays out of the sprayers. Pulled the water temp plug at the sensor and put on some dielectric grease. No help. Let it sit overnight, go start it - same. Reset the screen and it boots up and acts normal after the alarm. Do you think it could be a display internal fault? I will replace it and update here. Hase stumped. Next I will do the ohm test per the maint manual. Anybody else had this issue? Suggestions?

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    If its happening immediately after the first start while everything is cold I would suggest that the temp sensor is bad, basically its reading out of range. Do the Ohm check it will confirm your fault straight away if this is the case.
    If it's happening after running for a while there could be other issues, I found my temp sensor was hitting the exhaust with the jetworks relocation mod causing it to come on early, it just needed a washer to lift it up a bit. I also had a blocked jetworks valve on another occasion causing similar issues. After finding my block off gasket had blown through I ditched the mod all together and I haven't had an issue since.

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    New display fixed it. Internal short I suppose. Bigger fish to fry now that I popped the 1390

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