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    '11 RXP X- looking for just a bit more

    '11 RXP X with the usual bolt ons that many here have also used,

    R&D intake grate ( not the CC model)
    4" Kanaflex intake
    Solas SRZ 15/21
    Rotax Racing thermo
    riva catch can
    83mm RXP venturi
    Riva wedge and extension
    ride plate holes filled
    Flame arrester removed.

    With these mods and great conditions, it will run 75 mph. Looking for suggestions to help make it a 75 mph ride every time not just in better conditions. Usually ride at 1,000' elevation and humidity s horrible at best. Looking at going with the Riva gen3 intercooler due to the crap design BRP used, more of a preventive measure than of adding any performance. Current RPM is 8060-8100 for the listed speed.
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    Be careful with that 83mm on an x model. Your in stuffing range around that speed.

    A v-tech 8300 tune would get you there with a slight repitch.
    Is the stock plastic resonator still being used? Delete that, gut the water box. Maaaay give you what you're looking for, and it's cheap!

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    When I first went with this list of mods a couple of the guys here said it is usually safe to 75 with the 83mm. And so far, not any hint of a attempt to stuff.

    Yes, has all of the stock exhaust and OPAS intact.

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    I have the same mods as you minus the f/a removed and thermo. But I have a thru hull exhaust, 15/22 untouched,opas delete,an i/c relocation kit run 76 all day with a best of 78.3 saw no issues of stuff yet. I do ride at Sea leval though.

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