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    What double trailer should I buy? 2004 Triton aluminum or a 2008/2009 Load-Rite Galva

    Hello everyone. Been browsing the forums a bit so I want to see what you guys think. I am buying a double trailer for
    the 04 gp800r and 97 gp760 and long term if we get bigger skies or need to mod anything on the trailer. The price difference 100.00 more for the Triton.

    So pretty simple.

    2004 Triton aluminum

    2008/2009 Load-Rite galvanized

    Thanks again guys...

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    What is the load rating on the Triton?

    Triton revised their PWC trailer designs circa early 2000's and made the trailers bigger and increased the load ratings, as I recall.

    Compare the current Triton specs with the one you are looking at. If it is the earlier, smaller design, it will not have much extra capacity for the modern larger watercraft..

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    Get the triton.
    I've had my triton double with torsion axels for 3+ years.
    I put 25,000+ miles a year on it.
    I buy n sell a lot of skis.
    It's never let me down and its the best for proper weight distribution for any ski size.
    It's a 06 model and I love how easy it is to adjust to fit any ski.
    You'll never need another trailer once you get it..

    Good luck.

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