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    Recent pull & re-install on my '00 951xp, help w/loose ends!

    Hey guys,

    Could use a bit of help... I yanked my motor from my 2000 Seadoo xp, with a 951 carb'd motor. Had a few loose ends, mainly, I forgot where my case cooling line went. I guess it goes right below the exhaust on the right side, below the raves/spark plugs, however, i pulled it out on the other end too, not sure where that goes?

    Other than that, the pulse line and other vacuum line that goes right next to it, does it matter if they are crossed or do they have to be routed the same?

    Used this guide:
    but got a little carried away and started winging it on the install, everything is there except mainly that cooling line, which I forgot I fully removed.

    Btw, if you check figure 3.3, the heater hose/pipe from the exhaust was bumping against the connector in figure 4.1, and I guess it pushed that connector in enough to allow water into the flywheel housing. Everything was gunked, and rusted. Lost the bendix, had to really clean everything else deeply. Not a fun job, make sure those little tabs on the sensor hold

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    holy crap i never connected my case cooling line. no wonder my ski always had water in it last summer

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    well i used seadoo parts houses' diagrams! called a guy named Matt who sells parts, and got it! posted the link but it bounced to moderators i guess

    let me know if you need help, lol. the line goes under the exhaust into the block, you can do it by feel easily. then route it under the gas tank, back to the pump. if you pulled it out, to reattach, you have to remove the vts, 32mm or a huge angled needle nose helps. it then attatches to the lower right port if looking at the pump from outside! hope that helps.

    it fired right up though, sounds gnarly, way cooler thanmy 760!

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