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    2004 Sea-Doo XP DI - Electrical Problem - w/YouTube video of problem!

    I am trying to diagnose this problem with my ski. I am not to sure if anyone else has run into this problem and knows what it is. I've read the shop manual for several hours and believe it maybe the solenoid, ignition coil, or regulator, however I am not sure and its hard to test when out of town for work for two weeks. I would like to order the right parts so there ready when I get home and I can fix it.

    Problem: you can hear a "clicking" sound which is coming from the starter solenoid in the electrical box. At this point the ignition key isn't even connected and this occurs when the battery is connected. I cannot figure out why/what is causing this. The fuse beside the solenoid is good.

    How the Sea-Doo Runs: its rough idling and feels like the Sea-Doo is going to die/not make it to shore. At half throttle around 30mph it runs fine if you hold the throttle in the right spot, but if the throttle is pressed in any further the RPM's shoot up but the speed doesn't. It definitely feels like an electrical problem as I just had a fuel pump problem. My battery will also die if I leave it connected to the machine.

    Video of problem:

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    Also note I have been charging the battery while hooked up to the Sea-Doo...not sure if this matters.

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