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    need help head gasket

    my ski is a 2007 rxt 215 and I need information with picture to help me remove my cylinder head to change my head gasket. need your help guys and do I need to remove all the engine from the ski?

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    No, you do not need to remove the engine. This will give you a rough idea.
    -remove inlet manifold
    -uncouple water box and move it back
    -remove crankcase breather
    -remove valve cover
    -remove the 6 rocker shaft bolts (replace these)
    -insert camshaft and crankshaft locking tool with no1? At TDC.
    -remove metal washer from cam sprocket, do not drop this into chain galley!! (Stuff rags in the galley to catch anything that you might drop).
    -remove cam sprocket bolts (take note of how 1503 line marks up with head)
    -remove cam sprocket and cam retainer, drop the chain into the galley, you can retrieve it later.
    -slide cam out
    -remove head bolts, follow correct torque sequence.

    I probably forgot a few things, just going off the top of my head. Most important things to remember is stuffing rags into chain galley so you can't drop anything and locking the engine with no1 at TDC. Replace head bolts and rocker bolts. Inspect head for flatness and machine if necessary.

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    get a good digital camera and take pics at each step. Make sure you own the crank and cam locking tools, a good torque wrench and a 1/2 breaker bar. Be prepared to put some serious ass in removing the head bolts.

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    Be careful when removing the two small torx bolts directly across from the chain and cam sprocket. Dont drop them!

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    i have the tools to lock de crank shaft and the cam shaft but how to lock it?
    and how do you do to turn the crank ?
    and how do i know when its the right position?

    thanks alot and post some pic to help me

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