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    2013 RXT 260 Depth finder question

    I just installed the depth finder kit on my 2013 RXT 260. Does anyone know if the small depth finder icon on the lower left hand side of the information display shows up if the ski is not in the water. I am a long way from the water and am wondering if I hooked up everything correctly (although I double checked the wiring to the fuse box and the wires are in the corect numbers). Is there anyway to see if the unit is ok while on the trailer ? Thanks

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    I put one in my ski. I don't remember seeing the icon ever, but I only have 3 hours on the ski and I'm still discovering features I did not see/use previously. Pressing the mode button brings up a display with large digits for depth and smaller digits for heading underneath. Out of the water mine reads all dashes. (I have an x-package ski so out dash display may have differences.)

    I have heard of people fashioning a water column under the boat where the sensor is located to test a depth gauge out of water. I've never done it...way more work that its worth to me.

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    Back it in the water

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    I installed the depth finder on my 2011 RXT 260 iS back in 2011. The wave icon showed up in the display immediately, no depth reading of course until I got it in the water. In February of this year I took the RXT in for regular maintenance and my dealer flashed the software with the latest upgrade. Last week I went out on the lake for the first time since the computer upgrade and I noticed that the wave icon was no longer there, though the depth finder operated properly. I spoke with my dealers technician Monday June 17th. and he said he would check with Bombardier. He called me yesterday and said Bombardier did not know anything about the disappearing icon but if the depth finder was working everything was ok. My technician is very good but that was a typical answer from the factory.
    Another thing I noticed is that with the software upgrade I now have Eco mode which they did not offer on my model until 2012.
    I also looked in SeaDoos advertising brochures for 2010 thru 2013 and noticed that in the pictures of the readout displays the 2010 and 2011 skis showed the wave icon and the displays in the 2012 and 2013's do not show it.
    My guess is they eliminated the wave icon, probably by accident and did not notice what they had done. Maybe they will correct things in a future upgrade, I liked seeing it there.
    I also added the X-Package when I installed the depth finder.

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    Thank you for the update!

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