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    1100zxi Won't Go Over 4000rpm/Bogged Down

    I bought this 1998 1100zxi a few weeks ago, and it was running great the first few times I used it. Now it just gets bogged down when in the water, not going over 4000rpm. It barely gets on plane. When I run it out of the water, it runs, idles, and revs fine. I drained the gas tank, changed the fuel filter, changed the spark plugs, and cleaned the carbs, and still nothing.
    I did notice, when I have it running out of the water, the first carb (towards the bow) does not slide open when I pull the throttle. I opened it with a screwdriver, and it is not gummed up at all.
    Could this be the problem? If not, what else could it be?

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    Yea, that would do it.

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