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    Mikuni SBN 44 throttle shaft, buy the bushings/seals or sand shafts/re-install

    first post and all that, greetings to all-

    so i picked up a 02GPR a few weeks back after ten years off the water and have gotten around to tearing into it to fix some carb issues- one being sticky throttle shafts...the previous owner stuck a big return spring on the carb as a temp fix which works well enough until it heats up a bit. but i'd much rather fix it than leave it rigged...

    so i've spent alot of time reading the FAQ threads and came across how to fix the throttle shaft issue; i was going to go ahead and pull the shafts this afternoon, but it occured to me that mikuni has to sell replacement parts for the shaft...however, the thread i came upon said the blade/shaft are not technically serviceable...

    so then i found this for the SBN 44's:

    Kit includes the following parts:

    1-Super BN 44mm Throttle Shaft (extended)-Mikuni part no. 703-89004
    1-Super BN 44mm #120 Throttle Valve-Mikuni part no. BN44/06-120
    2-Super BN 44mm Throttle Shaft Seal-Mikuni part no. N167.126
    1-Super BN 44mm Throttle Shaft Clip (std)-Mikuni part no. BN38/566
    2-Super BN 44mm Throttle Shaft Washer (nylon) *not shown*-Mikuni part no. N114.077
    2-Super BN 44mm Throttle Shaft Bushing-Mikuni part no. BN38/569

    it seems like a better idea to at least replace the shaft seals/bushings along with polishing the old shafts for it worth it to replace these parts? are they even the correct P/Ns? or does just pulling them and sanding them/replacing throttle blade screws work well enough? i don't want to sink too much cash into these carbs if i don't need to since i already have to buy rebuild kits, strip and re-paint, etc.


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    I had the sticky carb shaft problem and the repair thread in this forum really worked well. If the rubber bushings and/or shafts are really messed up-maybe consider gently used. lots of people on here have left over parts sitting around. good luck michael

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    thanks for the reply...i found out there are different versions of the SBN 44, the one used on the GPR is a SBN 44(I) and the parts i found listed are for a regular SBN 44...i think the throttle shaft is a bit longer on the non-I version, but i don't see why the bushings wouldn't work for both versions. more research needed

    i guess i have nothing to lose doing the repair without new bushings...i have bigger issues with the carbs- the guy before me left the screws out of the valve body in the first carb i took apart- damn thing was rattling around. i'm wondering what other surprizes i'm gonna find
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