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    Replacement V-Force 2 Reeds

    Just making sure that these are the correct replacements for the V-Force 2 reeds (grey cages with 2 petals each side). I guess I have to buy 3 sets at $53 each!?

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    Those should be the correct replacement reeds if you have V Force 2 reed valves. 2 screws holding them together on each side of each cage. The original Delta cages had 3 screws each side (just bought a new set of these cheap) and the the V force 3's have no screws, they snap together. And, yes, you'll need three sets if you have a triple cylinder engine.

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    Yes those are correct. Look just like my set of vforce 2s.
    Did the even ever make a vforce 3 Reed for the 785?

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