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    07 Speedster 200 startup after 4 years storage.

    Boats been sitting for the last four years. If I had 40 hours on it, id be surprised. I'm toying w/ the idea of just changing the oil, pulling the plugs to spray some lube in the cylinders and firing it up....or take it back to get raped by the dealer for full service work. What do you guys think? Pretty sure I have a full tank of four year old premium in it also. My car that was in storage ran fine off the same aged gas, so I don't think that will be an issue. I'm sure the battery is shit. TIA!

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    Definitely change gas...oil, plugs, battery

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    100%.....gas will have to come out. the easiest way is put the fuel pump. You will need new fuel filters anyway they will be shot.

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    any grease or lube points that will need attention? TIA!

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