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    Cool Whats the average cost for a TOP end job on a 97 GTX 787? Is $1200 reasonable.

    I have a 97 GTX with a 787. The front cylinder haas 145 psi compression, the rear cylinder had 30. Naturally I pulled the cylinders and found a cratered ring and damaged cylinder on the rear cylinder. I was told the rear cylinder was assembled incorrectly and the piston was installed backwards. The shop I took the ski too, s saying they can installed a used cylinder and check the ski over for $1200. Is this the going rate for a top end job with carb cleaning?

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    For one used cylinder, that sounds a bit high to me. A full rebuild kit (rings, seals, and two new pistons) runs about $250, plus ~$80 to have the cylinders bored. I could see paying $1200 to have a shop do a full top end rebuild with new parts, but not install a used cylinder. Personally I'd pay the extra money to do a full top end rebuild, as you really don't know what shape the used cylinder would be in. You want the compression in both cylinders to be roughly the same, and a used cylinder is not guaranteed to match the 145 of your good cylinder.

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    a shop that will install a "used" part is one I'd avoid. A shop that will just do a top end isn't going to give you much or any kind of a guarantee ( I won't even do just a top end btw) as there is no simple way to determine the condition of the crankshaft without a full teardown.

    You can do an sbt motor with a one year warranty for a couple of bucks more.

    an sbt exchange cylinder retails for $500

    say you really twisted my arm.. and there was no damage to the engine..just worn out top end....(I get $600 labor) to do an sbt shortblock swap+shortblock)

    $500 for the new top end bits
    $50 on gaskets and misc

    and that is not even touching the carbs or the rest of the fuel system ( which I would suspect still has tempo fuel line present)

    toss in tax and you're at $1200..and I will not warranty the job..since if the crank bearing go bango in a dozen hours you'll be at my gate with a flaming torch and pitchfork in each hand.

    An engine with piston or ring damage almost assures you have shrapnel in the crankcase

    I've said it many times..I can build em better then SBT @ a price, but I cannot warranty against "anything" like sbt the only engine options I offer is are SBT rebuild or installing a customer supplied used engine

    Here's my warranty with the SBT rebuilt ( all bets are off if you do something dumb, like sink the ski, use 10/40 oil instead of two stroke injector, run the engine on the trailer with no water and so on)

    engine fails in 30 days-no labor charge for pay freight
    engine fails in 30-60 days-50% labor and freight
    after 60 days you pay full labor and freight

    Customer of mine who love their gtx so much they invested over $3000 into it for a two year SBT, carb and fuel line replacements and jet pump rebuilds. Toss in a new seat cover while you're at it.

    gee for a few bucks more you can buy a used 4-tec during the off season.

    oh yeah....

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