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    Help identify aftermarket K & N air arrestor?

    We recently bought a pair of 1996 GTX's; one ski had the factory air arrestor box, other ski had an aftermarket K&N cone filter arrestor.
    I'm assuming nothing else was modified as they both 'appear' to be same.

    My limited knowledge from the forums seems to indicate there is no real gain as opposed to the stock air box and in general I'm not a real big fan of K&N; however, my disdain towards K&N is a result of seeing first hand at how they do not filter as well as a quality paper filter - this is based upon a High Output Cummins Diesel that can move just a 'bit' of air...
    However, obviously dirt is not a concern on the water.

    I do like how the K&N assembly attaches to the carb; much easier to remove compared to the stock box.

    - Anyone able to identify this K&N setup? Where to buy if I decide to duplicate for the other ski?
    - Pros / Cons on the K&N versus the stock air box?

    The cone assemblies are labeled as K&N Marine SAE J1928
    Searching only pulls up the cone assemblies; haven't found the plate or adapter.


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    The carb adapter is a seperate part. None of these have air filters,just flame arresors.

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    there tends not to be much air contamination i.e dust out on the water so air filters aren't necessary, k&n's with pre filters will protect way better then stock

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