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    2002 Virage TXI oil question?

    After recently purchasing this ski and doing some work to it, I am finally ready to lake test it soon and was wondering what oil to burn in it? The oil thats in it now is low and needs refilled with something. The oil in it now looks greenish/blue. What should I use in it? Polaris oil {if so what kind}? Another brand? Synthetic? Twc3? What about Quicksilver oil {readily available from local Walmart}? Please help and Thanks...

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    Polaris 2-stroke oils are good quality, both the blue and the VES Gold synthetic.

    Lots of oil info already posted, search for JASO or EGD to find more oil threads.

    Where are you located?

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    Thanks for the info, will probably just use the Polaris Blue as its readily available then. Im in southern Illinois.

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