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    my fxho 1800 has same hole shot as seadooo gi 130?

    Went out Sunday skiing with a mate who has a seadoo gti 130 and hole shots were identical in 1-2 ft chop

    We didnt get any top speed runs as he's just run his ski in, he eased of around 40-45mph,

    up to 40 mph we were pretty level

    there doesnt seem to be any cavitation from my ski to hold it back and it does have a solas or skat trak prop already fitted

    does this sound right?

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    Interesting, my wife's 2012 FXHO seems to have the edge on initial holeshot compared to my 2013 FXSHO, at least until the initial cavitation is gone, the pump well fed with water and the 'charger on boost (only a couple of seconds...) - all over then...

    I reckon the stock NA prop feels a bit finer, so initial bite good but runs out of puff quicker... I'd have thought that would help you beat the 'doo up to those speeds... Dunno...

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    ive just sold a gp1300 and this HO feels a lot quicker in the holeshot, it doesnt feel like theres anything wrong with the ski like cavitation or flat spots,
    on the test ride i was surprised how quick it was but was then surprised on my first proper day out that my mate kept up with me to 40 mph on his GTI 130

    Im going to GPS the ski as top end was only hitting upper 90's kph on the stock speedo where my old gp was hitting 110-115kph

    has anyone else compared holeshot to a 2012 seadoo gti on any other ski?

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    never mind I thought you had a SHO
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    FXHO is a big ski with only 180 HP, dont exspect it to fly ouuta the hole like a rocket, but it will do well, side by side with a vxs and you will be left behind drinking gay spray

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    I nearly bought a left over VXR at a great price but as i ride at sea i thought the HO would be the better option for me, If Yamaha bring a higher power SHO with an eco mode i will probably get a new ski.

    i will do some mods to this ski and see how it goes but thought it would leave a 130 Seadoo on the hole shot seeing its simular size and weight but with an extra 50 bhp

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    Just found this website comparing a gtx 155 to a FXHO 1800

    with a 0-30 of 2.4 secs for the GTX im guessing there wiil not be much in it between a 130 and HO

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    Isnt the GTI about 100lbs lighter with a flatter hull compared to the FX's weight and deeper v hull?

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    that prop you have could be meant for a modded ski and if your ski is stock it will lower your speed.i had two stock HO they are great all around skis.i still remember trying to keep up with rxts then i got the SHO and it was a thing of the past.

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    yeh it is lighter...I have a 2010 HO and my mate has a 2012 GTI so there is a 40lbs difference and a deeper v hull

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