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    2012-13 FX SHO Are they good for wave jumping?

    After reading & watching numerous reviews/posts/youtube videos i'm convinced these look a great machine. i previously has the old FX SHO & a FZR so know Yamaha is as good quality as money can buy.

    My question is, has anyone been wavejumping on these, we regularly ride behind big boats & in the surf. They look fun to ride with the lean in characteristic, and have a long deep V.......

    So do they cut right through the waves or can you get good air on these skis?

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    I have a 2012 HO, & have done a little wave jumping, nothing to adventurous........jumps pretty much the same as the older hull I would say. In smaller chop, it rides over the waves , where as the older hull would plough through them.

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    I have the 2012 SHO and with a full tank of gas it weights 1000 lbs. With the weight and hull design it cuts throught the waves. I was out yesterday, the wind was blowing and the waves were two foot high and this monster just cuts through them. So I would have to say no its not a good machine if your into wave jumping.

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    I've got an 08 fx sho and it jumps great for its size. If you trim up and hit it right I can get my whole ski out of the water. How ever if you just ram the wave you'll cut right through it. Just burp the throtle and it will rocket out. As far as the 08 to the 13 they are bassically the same. My uncle has a stock fx sho and his will still jump just as good. If you're looking for a ski just for jumping you might want somthing smaller.

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    The deep V hulls are better for wave jumping because they have a softer landing. I wave jump my FZR and it feels like I'm smacking a canoe down onto the next wave because of its wide hull.

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    There is a wave jumping tutorial somewhere on this site.

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    Honestly, The FX hull sucks for wave jumping, compared to a VX that is. They cut through the wave more and dont jump it nearly as well as a VX. Problem is, the vx doesn't have the power to get up and over those waves, so if you can get the speed up enough, youll get insane air. Maybe the vxr can pull it self up the wave, but the SHO has the power to literally accelerate and propel you up and into the air, which is about the only reason i think it can actually get its fat ass out of water. I will say that i have gotten some pretty decent air in the SHO tho, and the landing is usually a tad softer. Its a lot easier to control and balance the ski in the air on a vx then a heavy ass fx. After looking at photos of the ski from the side jumping, the FX looks like a little lame compared to the VX. All that thing wants to do is jump out of the water, hell, i can get it in the air on a flat calm day. Which could be part of its inherent flaw. Ive jumped some of the craziest waves in the Key West Channel and have landed all but 1 perfectly. The only problem i had was once misjudging how big a wave actually was, plus i was going a tad too quick. Anyways, i spent A LOOOOT of time in the air, almost too much, but didnt stick the landing right and slipped a little and bumped my chin on the handle bars. I has a teeny tiny split on it, but saw stars for the next 3-4 minuets. Luckily i still was able to lead the tour without alarming anyone and keep it moving. After that i stopped horse-assing around that much in front of customers(as least with jumping waves). headstands and a handful of other tricks are always in order. Mainly because customers just watch and dont try to mimic what I did, if they see me jumping a wave, they think its okay to jump it as well, so every person following me will then jump that same wave when they go through it. That leads to possible injury, and no one wants to get hurt on the water.

    Sorry for the long rant...

    The SHO is a decent jumper

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    The 2013 FX and FZ machines, like all new waverunners, are large machines. Full of gas and oil, they weigh close to 1000lbs. Now add a rider. You have to have a pretty good wave to lift these things out of the water. Otherwise, they go right through the waves and chop-----which they were designed to do. You will appreciate this when you are cruising.

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