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    98 seadoo gs 720/ trailer issues

    i put up a post recently about this 98 seadoo gs 720 im looking into buying, but didnt get much feedback. My father took a look at it for me and consideres it a very clean and well maintained ski. the owner is selling it only bc he lost his job and has a couple small kids so they are the priority. from what i was told from my father is that the ski is in great shape mechanically and cosmetically except for a small scuff on the bottom of the hull. i assume something was run over at some point. he says he is pretty confident we can repair it easily, but there was some fiberglass showing, but didnt leak. Is this safe to say that a proper patch job and gel coat would be good? also the owner said a new impeller was installed and carb rebuilt by a local marine shop we have down by the river which does good work as we have dealt with them before. The ski fired up right away with minimal smoke. It was winterized properly and garage kept. My father got the owner to agree on $1800. Does this sound like a decent deal? The real problem i have it with the trailer. It is a fairly new trailer, but the current owner said he never got the title from the guy he bought it from and when he called back to get it the owner at the time just hung up on him and the title was never transfered. He has the bill of sale and title for the ski, but not for the trailer. I live in PA and trailer titling is tricky. Is there anything i can do with the trailer as far as getting it titled and in my name? could i use the VIN number to have it checked by the police and if it clears try and get a new title somehow in my name?

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    Sounds like you are paying top dollar for a ski that needs fiberglass work and a trailer with issues. There are too many good deals out there to have to screw around with repairs and title issues.

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