I'm putting this here hoping to get more eyes on it, I have a thread in the "performance" section but have no responses.

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Bad gas gave 3 out of 4 skis problems. I know this because I pumped the gas out of the skis and purchased fuel at a non-ethanol station and now 3 of the skis are fine.

My ski, 2006 F12x (ski 1) gave an FI warning, code 25.

I swapped ecm's with my wifes 2006 f12x (ski 2), and both seem to run OK. After a while, ski 1 died. 7.5 amp inj. fuse was blown. (this is while using ski 2's ecm)

I've gone through the service manual and checked everything (sensors & wiring) I can with a meter. Everything seems to be OK except ski 1's batt was reading 12.3, it cranked the ski fine, but the manual says that is the low limit.

I put the ecms back to the original skis, replaced the batt, spark plugs, oil & filter.

Ran the ski on the trailer at home, (flush to warm up for oil change) got to the lake, fuse blew as soon as it was in the water. (On the original ecm)

Took it home, replaced fuse, as soon as I touched the starter, fuse blew. Only fuse left was 30 amp, tried it (prepared to shut it down quickly, and fire extinguisher handy) popped as soon as I hit the start button.

Replaced the knock sensor, put correct fuse in and it fired right up. Ran on the hose for 3 min &... FI code 25.

Now if I have to buy an ecm that's OK, doesn't make me happy, but I'll deal with it. What I don't wanna do is buy an ecm, then fry it because I'm getting a surge somewhere else.

Questions I have are;
1) In the schematic, the unmarked blocks that are just above the start switch legend, where are they physically located?
2) These look to be a buss, is this correct.
3) On the far right of the schematic just above the coils, the two plug "24P", are these the plugs taped to the harness on either side of the ecm?
4) These also look to be a buss, is this correct?
5) Right in the center of the schematic, WPC 14P where is this located physically?