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    First Post, first question... Updated adventure...

    I have boated all my life. I have run other peoples ski's. I know tons about boats, outboards, etc but am ignorant on skis. Friend want to sell me a 97 gts for $500. fair? issues with that model or years? things to look for?

    kids are old enough we want to start skiing. we boat, fish, ski (behind a boat) and sail.

    thanks in advance...
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    Dose it run? I would do a compression test and test ride it first. Can't really say on the price without looking at it.

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    It runs. just started it. Fuel was stabilized.

    Dont have to pay until I run it a weekend. bought a new battery for it and I need a hull plug (have plenty in the garage where the boats are) And i need two u-bolts for the trailer.

    Found out it is a Sea doo- Bomadier (sp) GT. No idea how many hp or top end. Not really worried about top speed with our first ski.

    Can I do a seafoam treatment on these motors? I done plenty on my boats.

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    If it starts & has a trailer ... you already have your $500 bucks back. Now do as the guy says ... take it out if it runs ok. Come back & pay him quickly, before he comes to his senses. Good Luck

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    He is a lifelong friend. Deal wont expire. His deal? Another guy we know was going out of the country for 18 months. So for $500 he sold him this ski, a 2001 Sea doo and a dual trailer for $500. So when I pay him $500 for the 97 and his old single trailer, he will have gotten a dual trailer and an '01 for free!!

    We will run it this weekend and see...
    going to bring some tools and carb cleaner in case it needs some help. Otherwise will have the kids get their lic online and run the piss out of it and hopefully look for a bigger newer ski in a month or so. Any running ski around here brings at least $1000. I hope to start leap frogging up.

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    ha on me. its a '91 GT. so $500 may be too much?! Oh well, gonna run the crap out of it and move up....

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    That sounds about right for one that old. Not too much cause the trailer should be worth $300. Everybody needs to ride it and become familiar with the do's and don'ts, then keep your eye out for a newer more powerful version.

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    it floats and runs. A little hard to start second and third times. ? gonna change plugs and then mess with carbs.

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    I agree..a nice deal at $500

    lay off the snake juice when you look at the carbs.

    on old high hour seadoos a leaking rotary valve can cause hard starting after an engine get can leaking crank seals

    you can get a reman cover for $100.

    bit of a pain to get the covers off on the older small seadoos

    but start at the plugs. take a cold/hot compression reading and then take another look at the plugs

    when rotary valves are leaking mixtures can be too lean..a full on white looking sparkplug

    if the motor is a two carb model, you'll have to remove the rv cover to get them off the manifold. no access to the bolts

    get out there and run it a bit..and enjoy!

    <welcome to the Hulk>

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    So much good info. Thx!

    I am above average mechanic. No where near a pro or serious but competent.

    I have no idea where any of those parts are or look like. Is there a good place to get a manual or online pdf's?

    The first time adventure:
    Got it running. Kept trying to burn off old fuel. Seemed to run a little better. Spun around with kids. Ran back in creek to friends house. He has a late model Yami with digital speedo. He clocked me at 37 top end. Slow by today's standards, but this thing is basically an antique.

    Oh oh, was running with friend when it just died. Oh we'll I thought fun while it lasted. He towed me back to my pier. Left it alone for several hours while we tubed and fished off boat. Took seat off later to look see and found plugs very loose!!! I put in a new set of plugs I brought because I figured it would need them. Took awhile, don't know why, but she finally fired up. Run around burning more fuel and then put away. Don't know if loose plugs did any head damage or not.

    Guess I will try to sell it and move up while I continue to tinker and nurse it along.

    I did get to fish off of it which was addictive. Caught several striped bass.

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