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    Welcome Isaac Lynch

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    ok..ill try to sum it up fast.... ive got 2 04 virage I direct injection 800s..the 1 i just put a new motor into and runs great... the second was butchered by previous owner.. so i pulled motor and went thru everything.
    fix what was needed and
    led light re-installed.. went to start and started vary hard but would run for a few seconds and bog out.. then its started to backfire like a cannon!! so i got the good ecu from other ski and installed.. now it idles perfectly but wont rev past idle? before i switched the ecu i replaced the tps and sensor in intake housing from other ski gonna try puttin the orginal sensor back in to see if that helps.. i check fuel lines for leaks and all the obvious!
    so if anybody has any knowledge they can throw my way, id reallllllllllly appreciate it!!!!!
    thanx for your time..
    Were you able to sort it out? I am facing similar problem so can you tell the way to solve it? Waiting for reply. Thanks in advance
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    Welcome to GreenHulk

    Post up some details and basic info about your machine. Is it new to you?

    Has it ever run properly for you?

    What service history? What diagnostics have you done so far!

    What are the current problem symptoms?

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