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    2nd Round of the Jettribe Pro- Hydro X tour in Tavares, Florida

    Jettribe is grateful for all the help and support from this Personal Watercraft Industry. It is not easy for a small growing company to be at two places at the same time. Jettribe is the title sponsor for Jettribe West Coast Tour as well as the Jettribe Pro Hydro-X Tour on the East Coast. But with great committed team members like Derek Correll, who flew from North Carolina to help at the booth, the results are awesome. Not to mention the crew from PWC Muscle for running the retail side of the booth, and Tricia King for overseeing the critical responsibility of the inventory and retail cash. We are even happy to say that the Jettribe booth was used for scoring and as a race sit HQ. Team effort is what it is all about. All of this would not be possible without Brent Venderley and Brad Clark from Kaotik. We are proud to call all of these folks as our trusted friends and the Jettribe family.

    Each race site sure has its challenges - from avoiding the landing sea planes to the local aligators hanging around. It all just adds to the character and fun (and memories) of the event. We would like to thank Lake County, City of Tavares for allowing us to host this event at such beautiful and wonderful site, and thank you to Mike Young for doing a fantastic job of announcing and keeping the spectators at the race up to date during the race. Also, it was great to see Pete B. from RIVA Racing while we were there.

    We are very excited to be a part of the Jettribe Pro Hydro-X Tour. Brent Venderley, who organizes this series, has already reported an increase in riders from Round 1 to Round 2. Let's keep it growing!

    We are stoked for the next races! Though they cannot come fast enough.
    The next races for the Jettribe Pro-Hydro X tour are:
    July 13-14 Macon, Georgia round 3
    Round 4 is sunrise, Florida Markham Park
    Round 5, final round is September 21-22 Islamorada, Florida

    See you at the Races! Remember to always have fun and to ALWAYS be safe when riding! Don't get caught without Jettribe!

    Thank you to all of the Sponsors:
    Title Sponsors:
    Pro Hydro-X:
    Supporting Sponsors:
    RIVA Racing:
    Exotic Signs:
    Kaotik Products:
    Fulmer Helmets:
    Pro Rider Magazine:
    Event Sponsors:
    Other Links:
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