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    Did my HydroPort 2 crack my Waverunner hull?

    I was pushing my 2004 FX Cruiser HO off my HydroPort 2 (HP2) which I bought brand new last year. Just as I was expecting it to drop into the water it stopped. I had to roll the ski side to side to finally get it off the HP2. I dove in the water to inspect the ski bottom and found ~3"x4" area of the hull damaged/caved in. It seems the roller on the front edge of the HP2 pushed into the hull??? The hull has never been damaged before.....just wondering it this has happened to anyone else. Thanks.

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    Go look at the bottom of some rental skis. after i saw how the floating ski docks wore on the keel of the ski i decided not to buy one. but i am sure all of them don't do that.

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    Take some photos and send them to the manufacturer of your dock, see what they say.
    My neighbor has one of these plastic docks (not sure of the brand). I think what sometimes happens is the rollers stop spinning then the probems can start.

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    That's why I use a cantilever lift. Too many horror stories and too much money for that dude

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    Thanks for the feedback. The rollers are working fine. My best guess is the previous owner (I bought used) had damage repaired but didn't admit it when I asked.

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