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    Vintage watercraft? Come to the 9th annual Wetbike Rally in Oklahoma.

    I’d like to invite you fellow Green Hulkers (especially those with vintage watercraft) to the 9th Annual Wetbike Rally at Lake Murray near Ardmore, OK. It has many similarities to the Mudbug…it was also started in 2005 and has been the same weekend until this year when it was moved to June 20-23 (which is why this year was my first Mudbug). Any crazy watercraft fits right in. In the past, we’ve had Surfjets, Dynafoils, Jetstars, Hydrorunner X-3, Jetbike, Seaflash, X-2, Wavejammer, stand ups, mini outboard boats, and of course Wetbikes. And a couple of couches to serve as tow vehicles and for the females to ride. The event is not as big as the Mudbug has historically been (normally around 30 Wetbikes plus the assortment of oddities) but with running Wetbikes being as rare as they are, that’s a pretty good showing. We have members from all over the country including 2 members coming from CA, 1 from Canada, and 1 flying in from Australia this year.

    We lay claim to a cove of the lake and set up camp…tent and day camping, some people bring RV’s or stay 5 miles away at hotels. Everybody parks watercraft in one place and it’s just 3-4 days of fun at the lake…clear bluish green lake at that. Anyone interested or have questions just let me know.
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    Here's video from last years event, including some of the wacky craft:

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    i live in Ardmore and drive a 2000 seadoo GS and have seen youguys at Martins Landing. i love watching the wetbikes rumble on our beautiful lake!! and ditto to the old surfboard i saw a younger woman riding on last summer. always great to see people from all over come to our lake ( i didnt know whereyou guys were from!

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