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    An odd question...

    You guys are going to think I've lost it but does anyone know if you take a sharpie and autograph say, the storage lid cover on a yamaha (or other jetski) if the marker would be permanent? Would it smudge? How about a paint pen? We're having a big party later this year and instead of a guestbook (that gets thrown in a box and forgotten) I thought if I could find some hood lid, I could have the guests sign it instead and we could hang it in our sunroom which has lots of souvenirs from our jetski trips over the years.
    thanks in advance!

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    Sounds pretty cool i would find a light colored painted lid and use dark colored permanent markers. those paint markers can be messy depending on witch ones you use.

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    I've collected sports autographs (in person) for years. Sharpies for sure. Just make sure you give them a few seconds to dry and if you use a dark colored lid Sharpie makes a really nice silver metallic marker and gold metallic marker. You can find them at Walmart. Of course after it's all signed up and done...the least amount it's handled the better. Good luck.

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