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    07 RXT Gauges turn on but no beep and no start

    Have a 2007 Seadoo RXT. I first started out having a charging issue but now the problem has extended into starting. I have checked all of my wires, battery is fully charged (brand new), cleaned the ends on the wires, and checked the fuses. When I put the key on the post, the gauges do their test but that's about it. When i go under the seat to the MEPM and push on the starter solenoid it make the relay next to the charge and battery fuse go crazy. I think the starter solenoid is bad but it doesn't make sense why the computer doesn't turn on. I checked all of the fuses (with the key on) I noticed something bizarre. As soon as i pull the fuse to the fuel pump, the ski beeps 4 times. Obviously this i a trouble code for no fuel pump but at least i get life. I can then start the machine (again obviously it will not run but it cranks over). As soon as I put that fuse back in, no beep, no start, just a noisy relay (not starter solenoid).

    Somethings I read on why I might think the starter solenoid is bad:
    -When I move the solenoid it makes a strange sound
    -when I was on the water last week some times when i pushed the start button it wouldn't start. I would have to pull the key, then try again then it would
    -The voltage of the craft got really low when i was out on the water last and i read people saying if the charging system gets to low it could fry the solenoid
    -everyone says that those solenoids go bad

    What makes me think its not the solenoid is the positive wire goes from the battery to one side of the solenoid. that wire has 2 smaller wires that come off of it to feed the MEPM. Wouldn't the craft still beep?

    I can also very very faintly hear static or something coming from the speaker.

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    Here is what cause this problem... Being that no one responded to me, I will follow up with what resolved it.

    The battery cable was junk. The 2 16 gauge wires coming off of the cable was completely rotted inside the plastic mold. When I jumped the battery to the MPEM the problem went away. This is how I was able to determine the problem. Attached are some photos.

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    Thank you for posting this and the pictures. This was exactly what we needed to know.
    We had the same problem with a 2009 GTX 255. It was completely dead. No beeps and nothing on the instruments.
    After fixing the cable the electronics came back and it started on the first attempt.

    Thank you again!

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