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Thread: Seadoo SC issue

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    Seadoo SC issue

    Hello Forum,
    I am new to this forum. I was referred here by a friend because I need some unbiased advice.
    I have a Seadoo 180 Challenger with a 215Hp SC engine and the ceramic washers have been sucked into the motor. I didn't realize the problem and ran the machine for about 40 more hours and haven't had any issues other than it's max rpm is 6400 and speed is about 30mph. I called a couple local dealers and they both want me to replace the engine to the tune of $7k. Another person told me to just replace the supercharger and get rid of it. A third told me if I have been running for this long after washers are in motor I'm probably ok to just replace supercharger and go on with life. What are your thoughts?

    Here's my second question...I really like the water craft and if I do sell or trade it should I be weary of getting another newer than 2010 Seadoo with a 215 or 255 SC engine?

    Thank You in advance for your help!!!

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    You've been Damn lucky to be still running.
    Your on borrowed time.
    When those washers break the pieces are inside your motor and doing damage.
    Seadoo corrected the issue in the last part of 2008.
    All the doos in 09 and newer had no issues with the chargers.

    Your oil pumps are more than likely very trashed from the micro ceramic pieces.

    After 40 hrs of riding with trash in the motor its toast....

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    EXACTLY what wotxxxsd said...

    how's your karma?

    passing a bad engine off to somebody is likely to make it go into the dark zone and not real popular around here...

    when the buyer finds could be in for a major ass whooping

    pull the engine and do it might be lucky and the bit of washer are large enough to be stuck in a crevice ( for now)

    or sell it at a bargain price with disclosure, while the engine core is still good.. A check with an oil pressure gauge will tell you if the pumps are screwed before you pull the engine

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    Thanks for the advice. I don't think I have it in me to sell it without full disclosure. I have brought it into a shop now and they told me that the ceramic bearings are still in tack but it is the gear that drives the supercharger that is broken and it is in the engine somewhere and they are doing a teardown to find the extent of the damage. They are telling me that the engine still may need to be rebuilt as well as replacing the supercharger. I just don't know if the machine is worth putting this much money into it.

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    If the gear broke off and you have been running for 30 more hours. Maybe you are just one lucky guy and it did no damage to engine. Find all the gear pieces. Hopefully where the boat is has a skilled tech and can do you right.

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