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    Waverunner issues

    I have a 2002 Waverunner xlt 800 and from what I have read should do at least 45 mph. mine barely goes 35 and the rpms only hit about 4500. I was wondering if it was possible it had a governor on it or if it was just mechanical issues. please help.

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    Could be a few different things

    1. Check your compression first and for most. You should be arounnd 120psi on both cylinders maybe a little lower but should be consistant across both cylinders
    2. If it has set for awhile and not been properly stored the Carbs can get gummed up. If it has alot of hours maybe time for a carb rebuild
    3. Check your power valves and make sure they are opening. Bump the starter then pull the tether you should hear the PV motor cycle 1 revolution. Although this does not mean they are opening fully just means the motor is working. Do a seach for PV adjustment (they are pretty easy to adjust)
    4. Check up under the ski and make sure there is not anything around the Shaft or anything stuck up in the impellar or the intake grate. Most likely from my experience the ski will vibrate when you apply the throttle and will not move. But its always good to check these things.

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    There is no governor on these units. 4500 rpms is a pretty low place for the engine to stop revving. If it's a power valve issue, the ski will usually still clear 6000 rpm. First thing to do is check the engine compression...if you don't have a tester, you can borrow one from an Autozone if there's one close to you. I'm going to guess you don't have good compression and are in need of a top end or total engine rebuild. Compression below 100 in either cylinder and you're really in desperate need of a rebuild...anything below 110 is seriously hurting performance. Also, if the numbers are more than 10 psi apart between the cylinders quit running immediately; you're likely to do more damage to the engine.

    If the compression checks out, the next steps are a little more a matter of opinion. If it were me, I'd check the plugs for signs of fouling, etc. and make sure everything is in spec there. Also after running feel for sure that the cylinders are both warm (both are running). I don't think you'd break 10 mph if not, but still worth checking. If all that looks ok, next engine concern is probably the carbs.

    I also would check the jet pump system for signs of of an obstruction, in the intake grate in particular. A damaged impeller (or worn out one, get a feeler gauge and check the clearance between the impeller and wear ring) can provide a lot of resistance and prevent the engine from running at full speed.

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    OK, something weird and my browser and theheisk's post didn't show. So yeah...what he said.

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    thanks I just needed to be pointed in the right direction. I will check these things when I go home Monday and can use my buddy's compression tester.

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