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    Need HELP...Gp1300r starts then dies

    I have this 2008 gp1300r and it starts with some cranking but then just dies as soon as it hits. If i feather the throttle while cranking i can get it to run but die as soon i release trigger. Put computer on and tps shows its in range. Cat seems fine. Fuel pressure almost 50 at pump. Computer does show the code 65 and the exhaust manifold temp sensor showed 1112 degress. I "barrowed" a sensor and it only went to 556 degress with the barrowed one all on a cold engine. Pulled throttle body and cranked and saw all injectors shooting gas. Need help bad....

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    I have similar problem, didn't have time to investigate further.
    Maybe some answers will help.

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    Someone has to have an answer?????????????????

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    Did you try what 04gp1300r suggested in the link posted??????

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    Found answer......Just overlooked thermosensor by the #1 cylinder. Unplugged sensor and it just idled great. Replaced with new and its flying around now. Just thought I would let others know if they have similar problems

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