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Thread: Jet Pump Grease

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    Jet Pump Grease

    Hello everybody!

    Im new to the website, but after reading through alot of discussion this place is full of help and knowledge. One quick question, I am pulling off my jet pump cone on my 2005 Seadoo RXP to check the bearing grease and I was just wondering what grease is good to use besides the obvious OEM BRP jet pump grease? Anybody use anything different?


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    Hey Charles, a lot of guys use a synthetic gear oil. Grease tends to get pushed out of the bearings back into the cone where its not needed.

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    I've always used royal purple gear lube..

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    75w-90 synthetic differential fluid. Fill the cone a little less than halfway and you'll be good to go!

    If you choose diff fluid, check it a few times a year to make sure the front seal hasn't leaked a bunch of water in there...
    Good luck!

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