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    VTECH tuned..Is the Touring and Sport settings now different?


    I have recently had a friend of mine with a tuner load my machine with a tune credit. I have a couple of questions that I am hoping you have the answers to. I purchsed the 8350 tune but when he loaded it, the credit turned out to be for a 8375 instead. One of them is an AGR version. That is the one I am currently using. I am wondering if when the ski is started and the dash reads "Touring Mode" is that the Sport mode? If so, when I change to the actual Sport mode, the ski feels different. The throttle is more sensitive (it seems to me anyways). Is it possible the two tunes..AGR and non AGR are associated with the Touring and Sport mode settings on my machine? I have ridden it for a few hours and not changed anything set-up wise. My top rpm with my set up is around 8130 which is great, and top end is at 75. Its the punch that seems to be different when I change from one mode to the other. Sport mode is very touchy, not that I am complaining. Is this normal?

    Thanks and let me know if you need any more info to answer the question..


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    My tunes do the same and I'm spinning a lot faster. I like having a throttle that is not so touchy when I'm on a long ride or I have a passenger.
    Seems some guys have theirs starting right into sport mode...that has never happened with mine
    Don't get hung up on 25 rpm - you could pitch down to get a couple more hundred and get to 8350.

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    That's a great speed , now put a GPS on it

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