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    2002 gp1200r will only go to 6000rpm then stop, need help!

    Hi, sorry if im posting this in the wrong section but i have an important question to ask. Last saturday i took my 2002 gp1200r out to the lake and noticed i couldnt go past 6000rpm which is about 42-45mph. i cant figure out whats the problem, although all my bolts are coming off i think its shaking itself to death. im going to fix that. what my question is, is some exhaust getting into the engine (because some bolts to the exhaust manifold are loose or off) and choking it, or is it a carb problem. btw it dosent bog or anything (but it does feel a little slow when i rev up) i have everything apart, i have been looking on other posts, do you think i need a d-plate and re-jet the carbs or what??
    any help would be appreciated

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    Why don't you resolve the "missing and/or falling off" bolts before going too much further. After that is resolved, I would definitely replace the cat with a D-plate.

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    Since you have the exhaust off you should go through the carbs. and clean and test everything and then you can rule that out. the reason i don't suspect exhaust is i had one in my shop the other day where they had been jumping waves and broke all the stinger bolts except the rear one by the rear motor mount but the pipe was broke on that bolt and it was not leaking any exhaust in the hull.

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