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    Tested the R&D 8450 reflash today...........

    Okay so here's the story on my ski, 13 PX, Riva 4" filter, catch can, filter removed from intake manifold. It had a SCOM on it and when I tested it went 67.5 @ 8040 on the rev limiter. So I decided to have r&d reflash my ecu. I'm not looking to change valve springs or do any major mods, just bolt ons with better acceleration and a little more top end.

    Tested today temp was 85 deg very humid around 80%. The acceleration is fantastic out of the hole and through the corners. Max sustained speed was 71.6 @ 8200-8240. This is with the stock prop and a new pump seal that r&d manufactures, it fits way tighter than the factory unit. Revs are in the safe zone with a stock valve train and I'm running a stock prop.

    I installed a 160 thermo tonight after the initial test. Gonna test again tomorrow. Would like just a ill more top end but overall I'm very happy.

    Comments and ideas welcome.

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    Are you by chance monitoring afr's?

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    is the stock valve-train good for 8450? Id be careful with comin unhooked and bouncing off the limiter if it isnt. thats a nice improvement now you definitely gotta throw a Solas prop on there and get your revs and MPH up!

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