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    Anyone tested Solas Dynafly on VXR?

    I've tested Skat 12/19 (8030 rpms) and I can tell you that the stock prop turning 7880 is faster than the Skat. In really good air, I've seen 74+ with the stock prop.

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    Throw a turbo on it or trade for an FZR!

    Someone give Aaron an answer cause his head is going to explode trying to chase down another 1 MPH.....or all the good tuners are going to block the (304) area code lol.

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    the skat props shave a little speed from the stock prop because they have more blade overlap for hookup.the solas are faster than both with the 15/22 bieng fastest with shit hookup and the smaller 13/22 right after with slightly better NA ski doesnt have enough power to turn the 15/22 you could try out the 13/22 but its probably only worth .5mph over the stock prop.

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