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    4Tec Starter Issue Killing Me

    I have a 07 RXP 155NA 4tec I bought that had a cylinder melted down (Ie. never had it running before buying). Had the engine work done by a reputable shop and assembled the engine, put it in, started it, and it ran like a champ in the garage. I am however having some starter issues that I could really use some feedback on. When I start it turns over ra ra ra, then stops, if I use my battery booster I can get it to start. I had my battery tested, they said it was borderline so I replace change. They also tested the new battery and cranking amps and it checked out. I pulled the spark plugs and it will spin over all day long with no issues. I put the plugs back in a tried to I arc across the relay with a screw driver and I also get the ra, ra, ra and no start. I took the starter out, pulled it apart and everything looked ok. Put it back together and I mounted it to a board (so it wouldn't get loose on me) and hooked it up to the ski and it too will spin over all day, when I had it out of the engine I also took a voltage reading when hitting the start button and got 10.58v which according to the manual I think is correct, 2v loss compared to battery. Ground straps are all installed per manual. I am also 100% sure I put the starter gear springs and washer in according to the manual engine side ()| . If that were wrong or something was binding I would think it wouldn't spin over completely free without the plugs in. Based on all this does this most likely conclude that I have a bad or weak starter? Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by onequik1 View Post
    When I start it turns over ra ra ra, then stops, if I use my battery booster I can get it to start.
    Is the battery OEM or meet OEM specs? My 05 RXTs call for a 30 amp battery.

    I'm assuming that sense you had it running that your timing is set correctly? I have seen cases when timing is not set correctly can cause higher compression or hard to start conditions.


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    I bought a new sealed $160 battery but will have to look at the specs.

    The timing thing is interesting so much that I actually took a picture of the timing alignment (see attached pic). There are the two slots on the timing gear which means there are two positions which it could go on the cam. I had both the crank lock tool and the cam lock tool in and the reference marks lined up much closer in the current position as shown in the photo. I did get a new timing chain because I thought the old one could have been stretched. The only other thing I would add is when I start it the things idles nice at about 1600 rpm's and when you give it some throttle it did sputter a little but then would rev up no problem, I thought that might have been from old gas but now wonder if I need to try the other timing slot. When getting a new timing chain can that throw off the reference marks? Reading the manual and talking to a couple people it seems like the marks are really just a reference? Appreciate any feedback, thanks!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bought a new sealed expensive battery I'll have to double check specs, even sometimes with my battery charge on boost I get the ra ra ra so not sure its the battery. I am wondering more so about the timing now that you mention it. I have the crank lock tool and cam lock tool and lined up the reference marks on the cam gear to me what looked like the better of the two positions. I took a pic before I buttoned it up, trying to get uploaded. I did get a new timing chain in case the old one was stretched so not sure if that might change how the reference marks line up?

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    So are you saying it now hasn't started since the first start in the workshop?
    Giving any fault codes? May have to go back to basics, fuel, spark, air.
    Pull all fuses and put back in case of dodgy connection giving a volt drop.
    Check throttle is not stuck in, newer doos won't start But will turn over with throttle in not sure about your model.
    Let us know how you go

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    I did two things and think I have it, I removed the battery and charged it overnight. I also bought a new starter relay and installed it when I put the battery back in and it worked. Thank god I didn't have to pull the engine again! Appreciate the info/posts!

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    starter relay..

    if it was the riveted type, slice it open and marvel in the total waterproof goodness of that design <not>

    typical failure..I go thru a bunch of solenoids every month during the season

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