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    2003 Polaris 700 engine with piston hitting spark plug and lost compression

    Hi all

    I have a 2003 Polaris Virage 700cc carburetor engine.

    As of this week it lost all throttle during a ride one day and would barely idle.

    Got towed back in and looked at spark plugs and the two electrodes were touching (i.e ground electrode had bent and eliminated spark plug gap). Couldn't see any knicks on the top of the piston but guessing that it is coming up too high and hitting the spark plug. Did a compression test and it was 0, compared with 125 in the other.

    My guess is that the big end bearing on the conrod has collapsed and lets the piston come up too high and hit the spark plug.

    Any suggestions on best way to fix the problem i.e. get new crank shaft, rebuild engine, or swap for reconditioned engine?

    I would prefer to look at most cost-effective option but having said that if its worth spending the extra I would consider it.

    Thanks very much for the help


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    We have other members from Oz and NZ.

    The Polaris crank is pressed together, so the entire crank needs to be rebuilt. Depending on the engine hours and wear, the cylinders may need reboring and new pistons.

    Would you be doing the engine rebuild yourself, other than the actual crank work?

    I am not familiar with what commercial sources exist in Australia for doing the entire engine rebuild.

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