My waveraider began leaking at the plastic nut where the steering cable exits the hull. Found a parts blow-up and ordered one part number from Yamaha that included all of the associated parts for the that area (called it a "steering cable connector kit"). Got to looking closer at installing it and realized that mine is leaking because the previous owner had replaced broken pieces in that area with what appears to be a tube of 5200 or some sort of caulk...hence the failure once I started riding.

The problem that causes, is I have a bag with like 7 little parts and pieces, and I have no idea what the order of installation is, because I can't base it one what I'm taking off (its not there.)

The parts blow-up is semi-helpful because it does at least show the order of assembly, but not very clearly, and doesn't delineate where the actual hull falls in the picture. Any chance someone could describe the installation, or take a picture of the correctly installed fitting/connection from inside and outside the hull?