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    STX-15F R&D emissions block off plate question

    I have a 2005 STX-15f jet ski and I think the reed valves on the valve cover are sticking randomly.... I noticed when my ski had 40hrs on it that all of the reed vavles were a smooth brown color like the motor..and now a couple are smooth brown and other two are black / burned looking.. The reason I am looking at these as an issue is because when I take my ski out and it is cold/has not been ran in a day or so, my ski will start fine and then when I open the throttle up to WOT it will bog down like a fuel issue and will go to 6000 rpm or so and suddenly drop to around 3000 rpm..and sometimes wont say running at idle once WOT has been initiated. I have a Candoo Pro scan tool and all of my sensors are reading great... the ski had been flipped upside down in the lake before this problem started happening though.. I have currently checked the ... Digital gauges for water in them or any signs of humidity, the fuel filter and fuel screen in the pump... I have check fuel pressure at the fuel rail and that the pressure regulator and fuel tank check valve are functioning properly... when it was flipped upside down a little bit of oil got into the intake so i took out the intake drain bolt and one or two drips came out there... the water box was drained but had hardly anything in it either...maybe a hand full of water... i had a compression test done on the engine by the dealer... and cant seem to find the problem with my ski.. I also just replaced the air intake pressure sensor and the CDI from the 3730 computer to the 3737 computer and that didnt fix it.... but as i understand the 3737 model of computer fixed ignition timing issues this ski was born with.?? Can someone please help me out and tell me if I can use the R&D block off kit on my ski and if you are supposed to remove the Reed valves altogether when installing this kit or if you know??? Thank you for you time!!!!

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    You just bolt the blockoffs on and go.


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    I had them on a 08 15f. It's easy to do just removing the hoses but you need a little k&n filter for the catch can.

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