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    Gzk's 15F turbo build

    first sorry for my english i'm french .
    i'm planning to build a 15F turbo , i already make many car , motorcycle turbo conversion . i'm work on make chiptuning too , so the mechanical and electrical side are not problem for me . But i'm new on kawi pwc world , i own only yamaha before , so i don't know what already exist for the 15F engine .

    i want to know , if i keep using the 15F engine , what low comp piston are avaiable ?
    are 250/260x piston are intercheangeable with 15F piston , or do i need custom head or cylinder plate to lower the comp ?

    i don't project to build a hp monster , it's juste for fun .

    my plan :

    sTX 15F hull 60 hours
    15F engine 5 hours since the last revision (everything new )
    custom build ss 2,75" exhaust uppipe 3,25 " water jacketed
    custom build ss 2,75" downpipe
    frozen boost "seadoo like " intercooler
    custom build alu 2,5" charge pipe
    4 Pink Sti injector (635 cc)
    Aem 320 lph fuel pump
    Fuel pressure regulator
    skiline R34 turbo (ceramic turbine wheel and axle for low lag ) @ 10 psi
    Aem FIC Pwc serie for piggyback fueling and timing .
    2,5" Blow off
    boost gauge , o2 gauge etc...

    if someone can help me for the missing information it will be very cool .
    i will keep you informed about the project asap .


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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    What are your goals for the ski?


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    Finally something cool/different on the Kawi side!

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    9.5:1 has proven to be a very safe pump fuel ratio and isn't to crappy off boost.....
    a nice head upgrade valve train , springs,retainers,collets,valves etc
    personally I would run a good set of rods , and the few well chosen internal mods and your good to go. eg ( oil squirters , cc mods )

    and a stand alone ECU with accompanying ancillaries to provide correct fuel & timing control

    Just run a simple strong engine and it will be a nice strong rec ski

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    Have a real good search through this site and the other one. There is a load of info in amongst the posts. If you find something that needs more explaining the are plenty around who have the knowledge. Crank case mod is an example.

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    i will give you more update soon

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    Good project
    Don't forget the hull parts ... Magnum pump is the way to go if you go high HP at least a bigger one.

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    THe 155mm magnum pump worked great on my 15F...But had only something like 180 hp.

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    My name is Sean and I am addicted to STXs smokeysevin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaby_FZR View Post
    THe 155mm magnum pump worked great on my 15F...But had only something like 180 hp.
    You can use a 2011 250 pump now for less money, not the same but another option.


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    OK i'm looking for a used 250 pump
    does it bolt on or do i need some tweak to make it fit ?
    i have order and wait to receive : intercooler , alu piping , ss flange to make the turbo exhaust and manifold link , aem 320l/h fuel pum , sti pink injector and FPR . missing me the turbo some cooling and oiling line and fiting , and a good solution to lower the engine comp . i'm going to build a cilinder 3mm plate .
    i already have an haltech sprint standalone ecu but i don't know if i going use it , or go to a megasquirt or a aem FiC piggy back . i have to conside rmany think as we are in salt water in my country . i want to keep to stock gauge too . so i will see this part is not a problem for me .
    thanks for your help .

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