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    boat prop pitch question

    I have a 16' Carolina Skiff with a 30hp Honda on the back. Currently I have a 9.25x12 prop, its pretty dinged up from 10 years of use and want to get a new one. Problem is I'm not sure what size to get. Yea I could just get a direct replacement but that size is very rare, its more common to find 9 7/8 x ??? size props, not to mention cheaper to get a 9 7/8" but I dont know what pitch to get. Any help I can get will help, tho I am unsure what speed the boat runs at or RPM's as the boat isnt equip with such items. Usually it just me or one other person plus like 100lbs of gear on the boat (anchor, fuel tank, tackle, crab pots, cooler). Any help is appreciated, thanks!

    I actually found the info i needed on the web, plus i bought one local from craigslist.
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