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    VXR with SHO Supercharger ?


    Is somewhere here, how has a Yamaha Supercharger in his/her VXR/S ?

    Can i built this with original Yamaha Parts without any modifications on the basic Engine ?

    Supercharger + Intercooler + ECU Flash and Pump Impeller ....thats all or ?

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    I think you have to go turbo. Jerry did it and is running 90. I'd love to put about 3-4lbs of boost in my VXS.

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    The naturally aspirated block is not designed for the super charger, no oil galleries IIRC. Also the compression ratio on a vxr engine is 11.1 and wouldn't handle much boost. Turbo with low low boost or a built motor with appropriate compression for more boost. Or a full engine swap with a fz/fx sho engine.

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