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    GP760, 800, 1200 Top 10 Problems with Solutions

    I have noticed that there are common problems or questionsthat a new owner of a GP needs to know. There are many sites that capture somebut I wanted to put out a Top 10 Most Important that will save a new ownercountless searches and bad intelligence. I put out 6 so please add more.
    #1 Battery Discharge while stored. The ground on these skisis at the bottom of the motor (not the smartest, easiest to reach, most dryplace to put the main ground) so there is a floating ground that makes you haveto store the Waverunner with the negative battery lead disconnected. Tricklecharge it. This is if stored for more that a few days.
    #2 Gas Line vacuum fed. Leave the switch in off while offand on before you start. Not a big deal on XLTís but the GP need you to keeppressure.
    #3 Will Never Start cold. Use an eye dropper with premix andpour it into the spark plug holes before starting or it will not start and youwill kill your battery trying. Or spray starter fluid into the air intake atthe carb during staring. Many have replaced the choke (needed on the XLT andnot on the GP) with a primer ball.
    #4 Flush out is important. Start it then run water flush. Turn off waterafter 10 mins and rev the remaining water out of the ski.
    #5 Porpoising is an issue. These skis had a hull design flawon the 760,800 and 1200. On the 760 and 800 there is not enough weight on thebow and on the 1200 there is not enough in the stern. Shim the rear with 10mmstainless washers that are 1mm thick. Some have put up to 5 of them in the rearbetween the ride plate and the hull in the rear. The 1200 needs them in thefront to balance thing out.
    #6 Floating ground makes the battery die if the negativelead is not removed and causes the dashboard display to go to locked. Hold downmode and then wait for it to turn on. Enter default code ABCA.

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    Sorry about the strange words that are combined. I used word and pasted but the site did this weird a*s computer s**t

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    What's a floating ground?
    My battery doesn't discharge just sitting there hooked up.
    Porpoising isn't a hull design flaw. Pretty much every PWC and boat out there has the potential to porpoise. There are lots of factors. I didn't make any changes to my hull and I have virtually no porpoising problems. All I did is change the ride plate (no shims) and the intake grate. Now its glued to the water.
    A Primer kit is the best solution for a hard cold start. A GP1200 will start ok with a fresh top end, good compression, and the choke. Its when the wear out a bit and then they are really hard to start without a primer.
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    thanks for the info. how about something on smc hulls? guess not as common, or also the question on 701/800/760/1200 parts interchange, or motor swaps?

    i own a 760, its been a pain but its getting there. hopefully a nice supplement to my seadoo xp.

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    We can add these two things.

    Trim tabs
    97 to Early 98 Trim Tab installation and info

    GP1200 security system reset
    GP1200, GP760, GP800 security system reset

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    #1-get a good battery either a DEKA or ODYSSEY,something is draining your battery while sitting you could hook a digital multi meter in series with the positive and unplug one connector at a time and see what causes the current draw to go away

    #2 no vacuum shut off on mine just a valve

    #3 i pull the choke and hold the throttle about quarter open and both my skis start in about 15 seconds after sitting for a week or two also make sure your carbs are clean they will make or break these engines

    #4 yes i do it everytime for about 5min

    #5 dont know about the 1200 but on my 800 i have the R&D ride plate,intake grate and pro-tech tabs with two washers on the back two bolts with almost no porpoising in the neutral trim setting

    #6 check for something draining your battery i leave mine connected all season with no problems

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    has anyone encountered their ski just dropping off and then having no spark/ i found the negative terminal a bit loose and the battery very low, could this be the problem? or possibly a fuze blown. I recharged the battery but have not had a chance to try and see if this cures the problem.
    it is an 04 xlt 800 yamaha.
    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks for all of the good info. I just bought my first ski. A 2000 Yamaha gp760. It is a fixer upper. The motor would barely turn so I assumed engine was locked up. Took off head of engine and pistons and piston walls looked fine. Could the binding be comming from the rear....I guess called jet pump or prop area. I cannot turn shaft by hand and if I keep trying I will ruin the starter. Thanks for any help on where to start looking for problem next.
    Hoe do I Start a thread on here?

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    Some good info here but don't use starter fluid to start a two stroke.No lube in starter fluid.

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    Good info in here.

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