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    Fogging down wrong end of breather

    Hi all,
    first time I have tried to fog my sho. I stupidly didn't read the info on the net properly and sprayed the fogging oil down the wrong end of the breather hose. In other words i unplugged the breather hose going into the air box and sprayed down into the breather system........I know dumb. I know now to spray into the intake.
    will this cause problems? I sprayed maybe 20 sec of oil waiting to see the white smoke but nothing........ I wonder why.

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    It's going to make your air filter oily! I'd imagine that oiling a paper filter element is going to cause some air restriction. You might think about replacing the filter. Other than that, no, can't see any real issues occurring.

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    Hey capndik,
    Thank you for replying. Being a technical mind I couldn't believe how stupid I was.
    I have a riva filter so that is not going to be a problem. Will the fogging oil just drain into the sump eventually?

    I ran it for a good 10 mins on the hose yesterday without issue so I guess I am safe. Then re-fogged it properly and got the smoke I was after

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