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    Seadoo Sportster 215 top speed?

    Alright guys just a quick question. I have a 06 sportster 215, I have a 4in kanaflex intake on it with an R&D adaptor. I just changed the wear ring and impeller (solas SRX-CD-14/19) as well as had the supercharger fully rebuilt. Anyways It has a wake tower as well as two big bazooka speakers on it so that definitely ads some drag. With the bimmini top out and just me and the girlfriend in it it tops out around 50-51mph and on the tach around 7200rpms.

    It seems as this would be about right given the extra drag of the tower n speakers... i see people stating around 55 or so is the average without a tower.

    Only reason i ask is i THINK i remember her going faster and more rpms... but if the solas impeller has a bigger bite the lesser rpms and same speed would make sense.

    EDIT- its not as if she has issues revving... when you gun her she will go to just before rev limit almost cavitating, then once on a plane it drops back down ~ 500-600 rpms or so down to ~7200.

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    If the waters hot and it's hot and humid out it might only rev that hi if it feels like its runing good wait till its cooler out see if it revs more

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    I don't have a tower. I did notice after a complete SC rebuild at 160 hours (second rebuild) and addition of intake and thru hull exhaust i am getting greater than 8000 rpms.
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    When I was looking to change impeller it seemed folks said 14/19 was too much(ie wont pull rpms) for an intake only boat, unless in cool water/cool atmosphere and light load. Sounds alot like yours , but your mph seems decent with the tower and current heat wave. I see 53-57 gps depending on day/load/temps with bone stock, no tower, 05 215.

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