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    help! Need a seat to fit a 1998 slhx!

    i recently purchased a 1998 slxh 1050. Cheap, lots of new parts. BUT...

    Both seats are shot, i'd recover them, but the bases of both seats are broken and warped WAY bad. I understand that there are seats from other models will fit, though i'm unsure which. It seems there are a shortage of seats that fit mine. Any floating around i might be able to purchase? If not, a little direction as to a place to look?

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    I had not. Those are good options for those issues, but the seat i have is WAY worse. The latch is only the beginning. the entire seat pan is warped something like 6 inches. When on, the rubber seal has a gap of more than an inch on each side. It is also cracked All the way across, in several directions. Its hard to believe, given the state of the rest of the ski. I have been thinking about attempting to use fiberglass or marine plywood in an attempt to replicate the entire piece.

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