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Thread: repair or swap?

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    repair or swap?

    Hey guys I posted earlier about help with carbs but that aside another issue I have this ski is the hull damage. We recently bought a fx cruiser FI, so we are selling our two, two stroke yamahas. Heres the delima, I bought the 03xl700 as a pretty decent two ski plus trailer deal (like really good deal 3 years ago) with a seadoo something or other that wouldn't start had low compression yadda yadda, sold it for half the price I paid for the trailer and ski. The xl700 needed "carb work" plus was badly damaged. I'll snap some pictures and include them shortly. Now I plan on doing some light chip repair on my 99 gp760(owned it since 04)and detailing before selling but I'm a complete novice when it comes to fiber glass. Most I've done was in my teens I made a few boxes for speakers and a couple of lcd enclosures for cars. All covered with some kinda wrap so fairing and sanding to a high degree was not needed. I'm looking for some advice if this would be worth repairing or just see how much extra would be involved with swapping the engine over to a 97 gp760 hull in alot better shape for $150 (hullm but about 200 miles away so might as well make it 200, plus regitration and title transfer for somewhere in the 400 range total not including any parts needed for transfer that are not in the ski (said he sold engine and carbs I'm just hoping the driveline is left in and preserved as I doubt the longer xl700 shaft would fit.) Could use some good advice from those who tried and repaired it good enough or failed. A shop is not an option I don't want much more money into it I can spend a few weekends here and there hopefully before end of summer for good sale. I can spend $200 hundred or so if it'll bring price up enough to make my time worth it, but not another thousand or so. This isn't a cheap buy and flip thing, I've owned these for a while and rode both a few times but buyers come looking and even though I explain everything that wrong and included pictures I still get buyers who are appaulled when they show up or waste an hr of my time just to say the crack they saw to begin with made them uninterested.

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    and yes thats a hose to drain the fuel out of the gp760 so I can start newly rebuild carb with fresh gas.
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