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    corrosion in spark plug hole

    has anyone noticed corrosion in any of there spark plug holes ? outer portion of the plug in cylinder 3 had rust and everytime ive pulled that boot its covered in white/orange powder.only thing i can think of is the boot is letting humidity seep in but yamaha doesnt sell the boots alone anyone have any thoughts or similar findings ?

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    spray some wd-40 in there and make sure the top of the plug boot is greased based per service manual. When hot air cools, it pulls in the hull air, which is typically moisture rich..then it all cools off and you have condensation.

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    I use my FZS exclusively in saltwater and I notice the same thing. I even coat my boots with dielectric grease.

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    just on one cylinder or on all of them ? i always fluid film everything then put the engine cover to avoid direct water hitting the coils but my corrosion issue has been exclusively in cylinder 3 only every other plug and hole doesnt have a hint of corrosion.since they dont sell the boots separately working on getting a used coil see if it seals it better.

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    To tell you the truth, I haven't paid attention to which boots have the corrosion but I don't worry about it. I just make sure to use anti-seize grease on the spark plug threads to prevent rust from forming on them. If you start to have symtoms like a miss, then I would look into it further.

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